Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Wanderer


Remember these lyrics? 

'Cause I'm a wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around, around

So I guess there's a bit of the wanderer in me too insofar as there are few things I enjoy more than to follow a trail wherever it leads with no more of an agenda than to see what might lie around the next bend. How about you? Are you a wanderer?


  1. Its the way to see a lot without missing anything. Just have fun.

  2. "Not all who wander are lost."

    That's not a song I'd have thought of from the title. I was thinking the U2 and Johnny Cash one.

  3. I loved that song when I was a little kid!

  4. No recuerdo haber escuchado esa canción. Cada vez que camino, escojo por los sitios que quiero pasar y con un fijo propósito.

  5. And Don't Follow Me Because I Am Lost Comes To Mind - Travel On Brother



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