Wednesday, May 5, 2021



I've been following with some interest the work that several contractors are doing to renovate one of the buildings in Colonial Williamsburg. On the outside, I think it's a replica of a late 17th to early 18th century house. On the inside, however, it serves as a public restroom and is getting a complete do-over. Wood framing has been removed and replaced with what I presume is aluminum replacements. And I'm sure they're also getting ready to install such pandemic to post-pandemic improvements as automatic flush toilets, exterior doors that can be opened with foot cleats, as well as probably major upgrades to the ventilation system. Simple, right? :-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2021



This is a confusing time. On the one hand, the CDC says we can go mask free when outdoors in small numbers of fully vaccinated people. But . . . what constitutes "small numbers" and how do you know who has been and who has not been "fully vaccinated"? As a result, some people (as shown above) are remaining masked, while others (note the young lady in the background) are going maskless. 

Still, our numbers have been trending downward in most places for the past 14 days and I'm hopeful that the worst is over even while I'm aware that there is more work to do to convince people to get their injections.  

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Nesting Season


It has been months since I lasted visited Jamestown Island. So I was at first disappointed to discover that the road through the island was closed for turtle nesting season, but then relieved to find that it was still open to pedestrians and, yes, even cyclists. "Hooray!", I thought. No vehicular traffic to cope with. And, as a bonus, maybe I'd capture another photograph of some of the land turtles. No luck there, however. Wherever they were, they sure weren't on the road. Maybe they were too busy taking care of their young'uns.